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"Animals help us to re-establish the original contact with the wise reality of nature that has been lost by the civilized man."

- Konrad Lorenz -

The animal world inspired artists during all the eras. Since the beginning of prehistoric era, many painters, sculptors, musicians, philosophers, writers, ... have dedicated some of their works to one or more species of animals.

The human race were always fascinated by the shapes of animals, by the colors of their leather, by their movements, their strength and skill, by their sounds, their verses, etc ... 

Even the scientific world and the technological world have taken inspiration from  the kingdom of animals so to create, to build, to organize, to produce, to store, to survive, to fight, to talk, ... in a better way. 

Well, we have never been able to resist by the charm of Mother Nature. The opportunities of inspiration are endless, just think that the estimate of the total number of existing species is between 3 and 100 million. 

According to a recent study could be approximatively near to 8.7 million.

A very impressive total number of animals, still to discover and to know.

Here below you can see some of our works and furnitures inspired by animals in all its species.

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