"In all the things of Nature there is something of the marvelous"

- Aristotle -


The elements of Mother Nature are our sources of inspiration
when we design our handcrafted wood furniture.

The Natural wood is the sole material that we transform in our carpentry workshop. 

It's inside Nature, in all its various forms, the origin of our furniture creations.

We produce single elements of art and complete furniture
inspired by Mother Nature, fully handmade:

Water 6Txt CominiMobili Natural Elements

Plants 6Txt CominiMobili Natural Elements

Animals 6Txt CominiMobili Natural Elements

Soil 6Txt CominiMobili Natural elements

Rock 6Txt CominiMobili Natural elements

Desert 6Txt CominiMobili Natural elements

Services of our carpentry workshop


The materials, colors, designs, processing and finishing of our furniture are chosen by you and customized in every single detail. We provide you all our experience. All our furniture and decors become unique elements in the world, like rare art objects.
We can solve your problems of space, building your furnitures and furnishings according to your needs. A made to measure furniture makes harmonious the decor of your premises, occupying the right volumes, respecting the right proportions, ensuring the best possible efficiency and integrating perfectly with the style of your residence, office, study, shop, gallery.
The raw material of all our furniture is solid wood and only the heartwood, which is the heart of the tree trunk. The wood is by its nature synonymous of quality and long life. The purity of this living material is capable of transmitting pleasant sensations as the sense of well being and relaxation, intimacy, warmth and welcome, embellished by the different notes of scent and color of each essence of the wood.
Since the foundation of our laboratory, all our furnitures are accompanied by a "Certificate of Authenticity" of the single item, like guarantee of high quality workmanship and proving the natural raw materials used. The branding of each piece of furniture is done with the engraving of our "logo" and accompanies your decor throughout his life. All our furnitures are designed and built to last, keeping intact during the time all their charm and value even for several generations. 
Our laboratory is at your disposal to produce a free quote with no obligation. We also invite you to visit our laboratory in Brescia, with adjacent showroom, so to see and learn how we make the furniture. You'll be able to find some of the furniture on display, all handmade and produced exclusively with solid wood. 
If you are undecided and want to be advised at best, if you have not experience with the measurements, we come to your home, to your office or shop. We will do a professional survey of your spaces, registering the measures of the walls, the space usable and looking the style of the environments where to insert the new furniture. Contact us by e-mail [info@cominimobili.com] or by phone [(0039) 030 2161427] to arrange a visit.
We will organize everything you need to make easier the delivery and installation of our furniture in your spaces. During the inspection / budgets, we will perform the surveys required to estimate all that is necessary to do the transportation of our furnitures. 



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