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The carpentry business Comini Wood Project was born in Brescia in 1987, by the wise evolution of the artisanal production of furniture, founded by his grandfather Vittorio in 1962.

For Antonio Comini the design and production of solid wood furniture and accessories is a real culture and passion handed down from his father and grandfather with whom every day natural wood is transformed into furniture and art objects.

Each project in the workshop is unique and comes from the choice of the type of wood, its grain and color. The carpentry work consists of different essences including walnut, hickory, oak, linden, maple, cherry and other natural materials.

Working with Comini Wood Project, the customer can customise in detail the form, proportions, measurements, etc., of the creation, thus achieving a perfect result of aesthetics, style and ease of use of all elements of the furniture.

The furniture made by Comini Wood Project are the synthesis of a long working experience and creative imagination which, as in the tailoring of the materials, gives rise to unique, exclusive and unmistakable interior designs, which are the trademarks of the experience of Comini.

You can rely on the professionalism of Comini Project Wood, to purchase individual and unique furniture, also tailor-made to the requirements of architects and decorators to undertake exclusive projects tailored to their customer’s environment.



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Comini Progetto Legno - Via della Cascina Pontevica n.28 - 25124 Brescia (Italy)
Phone. 39 030 2161427 - E-mail info@cominimobili.com - P.IVA 03299010177