Our Philosophy and our Vision: Inspired by Mother Nature.


Our works are inspired by the shapes of the various elements and materials found in nature. Our aesthetic sense and our hands are driven by the forms of water and ice, sand and dunes, rocks and soil, plants and even animals.

All machining operations such as design, material selection, cutting, gluing, machining a notch or carving, the planning and sanding, are all done by hand.

The finish of the furniture and artifacts is carried out using products strictly non-toxic, non-hazardous to health. The furniture is free of any plastic, artificial elements and pollutants for people, animals and the environment. Our furniture is able to cross the centuries, being built to be handed-down from generation-to-generation.

The use of natural solid wood in the construction of our furniture gives it an unlimited duration and the ability to live in harmony and balance with people and animals.

The natural wood is synonymous with wealth and preciousness.


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