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"Think that in a tree there's a violin of love, think that a tree sings and laughs. Think that a tree stands in a rift and then it becomes life. "

- Alda Merini -

Plants are extraordinary living beings. They are responsible for almost all the terrestrial ecosystems. Scientists have classified around 350,000 different species with innumerable extraordinary properties.

The plants are in fact the primary producers and the main element in terrestrial ecosystems, forming the basis of the food chain. The existence and survival of animals and many other living organisms is strictly linked to plants. Also humans depend directly by them like depends our health and also the air we are breathing.

Since the earliest times, for this reason trees and forests have always received great attention and importance. Already during the Roman time woods were divided into sacred, divine and profane.

Here below you can see some of our works and furnitures inspired by plants in all its many species.

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