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"For those rocks, rising like a wonderful architecture, those ice couloirs soaring towards the sky, that deep blue sky where the soul seems to dissolve and merge with the infinite, now crossed by stormy clouds that are weighing on the spirit like a hood made of lead, always the same but always different, arouse in us feelings that we can't forget."

- Walter Bonatti -

Sand, pebbles, stones and rocks are aggregates of several minerals occurring in nature and represent the most visible elements on the Earth's crust.

Since prehistoric times the rock has always played a role of ally of mankind. The caves were in fact the first shelters in which prehistoric man wanted to create their first home for protect himself against storms, against wild animals and wild nature. 

What charm, what variety of colors and shapes are contained in every single mineral, in every crystalline composition, in every rock formation and in every chain of mountains. 

How many stimuli we receive as we watch even a simple stone or a small rock formation. How many forms we can see inside these elements. How many changes of color and different shades they can assume in the course of a day. How many tones they assume along the changing of the light, from the sunrise to the sunset,  also during the different seasons of the year.

How many buildings and monuments have been build over the centuries thanks to the rock.
In our activity we've been fascinated and touched by the beauty of these materials. Rocks have been source of inspiration to realize some kind of shapes and finiture that you can recognize in our furniture.

Here below you can see some of our works and furnitures inspired by rocks in all its many forms and states.

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